It’s good to know a little about who you’re working with, so here’s a bit about us and how we’re helping people develop engaging logo and brand identities.


Get to know us

We’re a small, considered team with a huge appetite. With over 15+ years in design that touches on nearly all aspects of the industry, we bring together a curated set of skills - optimised for shaping businesses with logos and branding that perform. In short - we’re here to help you look your best and attract more customers.


Why work with us?

Well, why not? We’ve perfected an effective method of working that’s collaborative and approachable. First, we’ll listen, understand and then apply our expertise to achieve a desired outcome for you and your business. Only through this method can we truely understand what it is you need from this relationship.

Who we work with

From small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups we collaborate with driven and focussed people who are passionate about their products or services. Preferring to collaborate over dictate we view each and every project as your project that we’re here to advise on and then apply our expert skills.


Logo design

Logo design is where we excel, our business is to make your business look it’s best, but it’s a little more complicated than that isn’t it? Anyone can design a cool logo and for most this would suffice. But not everyone can design a logo that speaks to your customers and harnesses everything your business believes in - that’s where we can help!

Brand identities

Sometimes just a logo will do, but for those who require a little more scaffolding to support the awesome logo we’ve just created together - a brand identity might be necessary. The brand identity encompasses every touch point of your business, the visual aesthetics, tone of voice and how you are recognised by your customers. Combining an identity alongside a logo is a lethal combination for brand recognition, then the rest is up to you!

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are a creative and formal document that encompass all of the above. It’s in here we lay out the rules for your business brand. Brand guidelines are often necessary when dealing with one or more supplier. They detail to do’s and do not’s, the relevant images and fonts to use amongst many other things. Brand guidelines are there to support your business in creating a consistent image when working with colleagues or outsourcing work to others.

Brand strategy

Without a clear and defined brand strategy it can sometimes be difficult to know what the purpose, vision or mission is for your business. Without knowing these do you really know what your business stands for? who your business serves and how having clearly defined values will help to propel your brand and business forward? A brand strategy document will define all of the above and we can help you get there with 20/20 vision!


“Sed+Co did a fantastic job redesigning my Go Stargazing logo and website. Steve was a pleasure to work with, was patient and professional throughout and I am really pleased with his work. Excellent value too!"


We’re always open to meeting new people and working on exciting projects, if you’d like to collaborate with us...


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Sed+Co logo and branding design agency based in Peterborough, Cambridge.

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