We’re not just a logo design agency. We’re curious problem solvers that weave creativity into the businesses we work alongside.


So how do we do it? Well the process is where the magic happens. We’ve perfected an effective method of working with clients that is both collaborative and engaging. Through conversation we’ll explore what it is you aim to achieve and then work towards an agreed desired outcome.

We listen

All good relationships begin with a conversation and we’re no different, preferring to pick up the phone rather than engage over endless emails where passion and clarity can often get lost in translation. Only from listening to you directly can we begin to form an idea of what it is you think your business needs.

We think

Once the conversations have happened we’ll have a think on how best to apply our creativity to you, your business and the requirements. Sure a logo will be designed, but it’s how we get there and the considerations that will dictate the outcome. What else might you need? Is a logo enough?

We diagnose

Thinking complete - we’re now on to forming the plan! It’s at this stage we’ll invite you back into the discussion and lay out our expert thoughts and professional opinions. This conversation is where we’ll collectively decide on how best to proceed. Ultimately the desicion will lie with you but we’ll be on hand to offer our expert guidance throughout..

We create

This is the where we put pencil to paper - seriously! Ideas and concepts are best hashed out quickly and effectively to begin with. Only when we feel there are a few solid concepts will we proceed to taking these into a digital form which we’ll then share through a series of presentation. Over time we’ll narrow the choices down to a perfect final concept which will become your new logo!

Recent logos we've crafted


“Sed+Co was a pleasure to work with on our rebranding project and together we've been able to create something that will hopefully go on to represent our brand for years to come"

Vindis Group


We’re always open to meeting new people and working on exciting projects, if you’d like to collaborate with us...


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