Stamford based business - creates boxes of delicious fun that not only develops baking skills in children, but also educates them, with the family at home. We collaborated with with the aim of providing a logo and brand identity that would engage both parents and their children. The belief was that it’s the parents who’ll purchase this service so having them on board was key, but once that purchase had been made we needed to ensure the product was exciting and fun for their children.


With this in mind we created a strong and robust logo that would work across a variety of mediums. It needed to work just as well on packaging as it would on a website.

The bright and fun identity used throughout is what we believe the children will engage with most. We wanted to build excitement at every touch point so fully explored these avenues applying the brightly branded visuals (for the children), supported by images and text that would reinforce the benefits of the service/products (for the adults) offered. If you’re thinking ‘Deliveroo for baking’ you’d be along the right lines, but this is also packaged as an educational experience parents can use to spend time with their children – away from all of the modern day distractions.


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