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SeaSleeper is a mobile app designed to gently rock you to sleep with an eclectic mix of ambient sounds and the rhythmic waves of the ocean.

The goal with this project was to create a logo and brand first followed by user interface design for a mobile app. We took inspiration for the logo from the sea itself. The icon is a circular design intended to represent a port hole in which you can see the waves and a setting sun/moon through. Combined with a neat font and a calming colour palette we felt this was the perfect logo to build the brand around. 

Secondly we focussed on the app. It was necessary to create an interface users would easily warm too. It needed to almost be second nature from first use so re-inventing the wheel wasn’t necessary. We aligned the core layout with other music apps so it felt familiar and then added some unique touches we felt would make this an experience of its own. 



“I've commissioned Sed+Co for multiple logo and digital design projects. I've been thrilled with the outcome every time. Smart processes, easy to work with and a real talent for beautiful, eye-catching digital design. Recommended."

Thomas Rumbold - Seasleeper


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